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Textile Inkjet Printing Attention Notice

Inkjet printing of textiles not only considers the color light of color mixed inks, but also pays attention to the problem of dyeing the fibers after printing - adsorption, diffusion and fixation. In order to ensure that the dye is fully dyed and fixed on the fiber, the ink used for the inkjet printing of the textile has a low viscosity, which easily causes the droplets to permeate, and reduces the color matching effect and the fineness of the pattern. 

Therefore, the fabric needs to be pre-treated before printing. The main purpose of the pre-treatment is to make the dye have good dyeing and fixing properties, and it is necessary to prevent the dyeing solution from permeating during printing, and to prevent the dye from sticking to the dye. . To this end, you can learn from the pre-treatment of paper inkjet printing, before the inkjet printing, using inorganic fillers such as silica, cat soil, talc, calcium carbonate or starch, gelatin, casein, gum arabic, sodium alginate, Natural or synthetic polymer binders such as polyvinyl alcohol, polypropylene decylamine, and sodium polyacrylate are pretreated. 

In addition, additives which are advantageous for dye fixing are added. In addition, some pre-treatment liquids should be added with some surfactants or solvents to improve the wetting ability of the ink on the fabric to ensure that the dye is in a good dissolved state when it is fixed.

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