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Transparent reflective transfer film

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 5 working days

Supply capacity : 150000 square meter

Transparent reflective transfer film

Product introduction: Can be added any color to make color or mchroma glance transfer product accrodding to need.

Use: Use the web version for pringting ink and 

Classification: reflective transfer film

Composition: PET (PES) film + reflective powder + resin / PET (PES) film + reflective powder + silver paste + resin

Specifications Thickness is 0.12mm/0.15mm, conventional width is 1m, can be customized 1.37M, can be cut

Features High reflective brightness, good effect, soft hand feeling, strong stereoscopic effect, convenient transfer, washable, environmental protection


1, size pattern: no matter the whole picture is small or small as a small picture, omnipotent, easy to transfer.

2, PET film non-stick cloth: no matter whether the mesh cloth or the pull cloth, it is not sticky. Do not bite the cloth, and the type is light.

3, more resistant to folding: machine printing, walking printing, do not have to worry about product defect rate, reduce waste, save costs.

4, the glass beads are arranged more densely, and the edges of the transfer pattern are more neat. Better shininess and wide angle


It is a thermal transfer and heat transfer trademark material for fabrics; a trademark suitable for making reflective effects;

Printing, silk screen factory, heat transfer factory, thermal transfer factory, hot stamping company have used this raw material

Product introduceion: According to the customer needs to make into color reflective transfer printing products.

Method of use: With silk screen printing ,printed ink and then hot melt gule.

Size: Maximum with 1.33m,and accept lossless slitting package and table.


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