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Glitter Laser dark purple lettering film

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 5 working days

Supply capacity : 150000 square meter

Glitter Laser dark purple lettering film

Product introduction:

Good fastness ,zhe surface sparkles ,zhe color is gorgeous ,hot tear.


1. Main materials: imported polyurethane material, release film, blanching positioning film (paper)

2, tear off method and apparent effect: cold tear, matte

3, thermal transfer conditions, temperature: 165-185 degrees, time: 20-30 seconds / time, pressure: 0.2 kgf / cm ^ 2 or more

4, textile care conditions: home washing machine, 40 degrees, more than 50 times, 30 minutes / time; ironing from the inside out

5, the glitter lettering film has a three-dimensional sense of flicker, which is widely used, such as clothing, school bags, shoes and hats, etc.

Product characteristics :

1, the operation is simple, fast and convenient

2, no plate making, pure color, color and pattern can be set by yourself

3, the three-dimensional feeling is good, the glitter powder is even and detailed, the flash effect is even

4, resistant to sputum, hand washing machine can not wash the powder, can be washed using a variety of washing methods

5, no high-low temperature environment does not open the glue, does not break, resistant to ultraviolet light and sunlight does not fade

6. The materials used in the film are all environmentally friendly materials.

7. It can be used for color transfer to increase the richness and variability of the substrate, and is not limited to the color of the fabric. As long as it is a fabric material, it can be transferred. It has excellent color fastness and adhesion after transfer. Fastness.

Method of use:

Hot press after cutting(Laser ,the knife also)


Maxium width 1 m,and accept lossless slitting package and tables

Press condition:




Cool peel


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