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Colorful reflective printing film

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 5 working days

Supply capacity : 150000 square meter

Colorful reflective printing film

Product introduction: Can be added any color to make color or mchroma glance transfer product accrodding to need.

Use: Use the web version for pringting ink and 

Product Category:The reflective reflective film of the colorful reflective transfer film >380CPL, generally used for color reflective transfer.

application:advertising shirts, cultural shirts, bags, hats, aprons and other products. High reflective brightness, good effect, soft hand, strong three-dimensional effect, convenient transfer, washable, environmental protection


1、 If the fabric is stretchable, it is necessary to preheat the fabric before performing the above operations.

2、 If the fabric or filler can not withstand the pressing temperature and time of 140 ~ 160 degrees / 6 ~ 10 seconds, you need to reduce the temperature and extend the time to achieve the above effect.

3、 In order to avoid damage to the surface reflective layer and cause waste, it should not be bent and placed upright during handling. The radius should not be too small when curling!

Sixth, packaging: 50 square meters / volume (1 meter wide and 50 meters long). Free cut into 33.3cm, 50cm or various widths.

Product introduceion: According to the customer needs to make into color reflective transfer printing products, a variety of color rainbow  reflective effect

Method of use: With silk screen printing ,printed ink and then hot melt gule.

Size: Maximum with 1.33m,and accept lossless slitting package and table.


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